FindTime and EU DP/GDPR

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Excellent news that FindTime is back.


But before I release on our users, I need to understand what data is being shared and where it is going.  Can anyone point me to any resources that may help in this respect?  The privacy statement linked from the FindTime website is a generic Microsoft one; I'd like something a bit more specific for this particular service.


Although my O365 tenancy uses EU data centres, I suspect that FindTime will not honour that, and that the service is being served from the states.  If someone can disprove this theory, that would be great.


Ideally of course, FindTime should be fully integrated into Outlook, and not be a plugin.

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@Gabriel_Valdez should be able to answer this.

No one from MS able to contribute?

@Lloyd Adams I've reached to Gabriel privately, he is gathering info from the engineering team. I'll give him a ping to see if there's anything he can share...

@Vasil Michev   -   Any joy?

Nothing, sorry. I've pinged Gabriel, hopefully we will get some info on this.

Whoops, forgot to circle back on this. So basically, the reply was that they don't have anything to share at this point, but will look at this for next year.

A couple of months on.  Any news on this?  Either a statement on where the data is going/stored, or a roadmap that indicates plans for GDPR compliance if it is not already?

@Vasil MichevCan you update me on this?  Microsoft must be able to say if this service is GDPR compliant or not.  

@Lloyd Adams I've asked Gabriel for update.

OK, so while there are no changes currently (data still stored in NAM in Azure as detailed in the support article), at least we have confirmation that they are working on this. Stay tuned.

@Vasil Michev  - Thanks for that.  Can you provide a link to the support article you reference?

So now that Yammer and Whiteboard can store data in Europe it is time for FindTime to offer local data residency to help meet data residency requirements. Any updates on this?


Linking the uservoice item on this as well:

Still no progress on this, so just bumping this to remind people that it is still an issue.

Really would like to be able to use this functionality in a compliant way.  Do we think this is ever going to be enabled in EU data centres?

@Joost KoopmansReally pleased to see this announcement today.  My only question is how to I know when the change has been made?


FindTime - our favorite Office 365 add-in

We listened to your feedback! We have re-written FindTime's back-end service to now store collected data in the organizer's mailbox! The voting website will now be hosted in Outlook on the web, instead of Azure. No more concerns around the data in FindTime being stored in North America outside of your tenant environment.

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