Feature request: quick overview of invitees and RSVP's

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Hi all,


As a new-time user of the MS Tech Community Hub, I might have placed this message in the wrong hub. My apologies.


Since a couple of months, I've been running into an inconvenience of MS Outlook 365. It seems to be hard to see who will be attending a meeting, since the RSVP's of all invitees are not immediately clear when looking at my calendar. 


To my knowledge, it had always been possible to see who will be attending your meeting (or at least how many people has accepted, rejected etc) by hovering over a meeting in your calendar. You could also easily see who was invited to a meeting. However, since an update a couple of weeks/months ago, this is no longer the case. Now, if I want to see who was invited, how many have accepted and who has and hasn't, I have to dive all the way into the appointment and check the Scheduling Assistant. This is a bit cumbersome and I was wondering if it would be possible/a good idea to create some sort of feature where you can quickly see who are invited to a meeting and their RSVP's.


Of course, I have limited experience in software-consumer interaction design, but I'll take the opportunity anyway to present my ideas here. I was thinking that perhaps, when hovering over an appointment in your calendar, it could say in balloon how many people have accepted and declined etc. Just like it was basically. If you then open the appointment by double clicking it, you can than see an overview of the invitees and there RSVP's. Again, just at was previously, I think?


Do you guys have any idea where I can drop a feature request like this?

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The best place for such requests is UserVoice: https://outlook.uservoice.com/