Failed IMAP Migration on Office365

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I am having the following error while establishing a IMAP Migration Job from MDaemon to Office365


Error: TooManyTransientFailureRetriesPermanentException: The job encountered too many transient failures ‎(61)‎ and is quitting. The most common failure is ImapNoResponseException with the hit count 60. --> Imap server sent NO response to SELECT. Response code: ‎'‎', message: ‎'Access denied‎'.


I have tried just 1 user at the moment and getting the error.



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Are you using the user credentials or the admin account? If you are using admin account, you need to ensure your have full mailbox permission in source messaging system as well to read and copy the data from the mailbox. Refer section "Internet Message Access Protocol 4 (IMAP4) migration" from