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Is there any way of having OneDrive for Business more restrictive to external sharing than SharePoint.

SharePoint - Existing guest only

OneDrive for Business - Existing and new Guests




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@Bugday Hello, the OneDrive setting can be more restrictive than the SharePoint setting, but not more permissive.



@ChristianBergstrom yes, by default there's no setting that allow OneDrive to be less restrictive than SharePoint but if i set the external sharing of SharePoint and OneDrive to new and existing guests (figure 1) and then further restrict all existing SharePoint siteCollections and not OneDrive (figure 2) to existing guests only i get the function i need. The only problem is that new SharePoint SiteCollections are getting the default setting and i then manually need to change that after SiteCollections are created.


Figure 1:


Figure 2:



@Bugday Yes, of course. As the linked MS docs says "This setting is for your organization overall. Each site has its own sharing setting which you can set independently, though it must be at the same or more restrictive setting as the organization."


Perhaps you where looking for some additional info, while I didn't provide a complete answer. But you figured it out anyway so good job!