External Sharing in the Office 365 admin center

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Can I share a SharePoint page with an external user, without them having a 365 account?


I am very new to 365 so this may be an obvious question. 


I have tried to share a list in SharePoint but I don't have the option to share. 


I have edited the setting in the Admin Centre but still nothing, I am seeing this message: External Sharing in the Office 365 admin center

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There should be a Share button on top, is it missing for you or you have some other issue with it?

@Vasil Michev Hi Thank you very much for your reply. 


I think I must be missing s setting somewhere in the Admin panel. When I come to share something from my OneDrive it won't allow me to share to external individuals. The send link to anyone with this link is greyed out and states 'Your Organisation id preventing you from selecting this option'. 


Does it matter that I am using 365 in Google Browser? 

@Vasil Michev Hi I have the Onedrive sharing working now, is it not possible to share a SharePoint page via a share link in the same way as Onedrive?

It's not technically the same way, but you should be able to hit the Share button on top and enter an external address (if allowed by policy). If you did make changes to the sharing settings recently, it might be a matter of replicating those across the system.