exporting all outlook mailboxes

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Hi All,

We have a group of people who will be leaving us and moving to another office 365 domain.

I am looking for a way of exporting all mailbox as pst without the need of a user for backup purpose - and before we filter out email. wrt filtering out emails, need to filter emails with specific keywords and export them as pst and import them into the outlook for Mac.

Please advise on the best method.


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Filtering for keywords etc, it seems like a
content search and then exporting to pst!


Create a powershell script for this to run on all desired mailboxes:



@adam deltinger 


gone though the wizard and added rule to not to contain what key works, after running, I get this 


To preview search results, please ask your Compliance Admin to grant you Preview permission.
I have added myself to nearly all groups and followed this 
still no luck
If you’ve added yourself to all necessary groups , give it some time!!


I would advise against using PSTs, as they are not really reliable. Instead you can make the mailboxes "inactive", which preserves all data in them, allows you to perform searches and export/copy it if needed: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/securitycompliance/inactive-mailboxes-in-office-365

Waited and was getting the same so added myself to all groups. Able
To export it but needs a windows laptop to download it. Export and download process took about 45mins. Many thanks for your advise.