EXO, Connector, Bypass SPAM filtering.


Hey Guys, 


I wanted to see if I can get a question answered here, this should be pretty easy I just want to make sure i get it right. 


Is there anyway to bypass SPAM filtering from a 3rd party service (such as IronPort or Proofpoint) without using a Transport rule? 


I was under the impression that a correctly configured partner connector (non-hybrid) would allow you to bypass spam filtering as well as restrict Source IPs, force TLS. 


That appears to be wrong but I just wanted to check and see. 



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Hi Robert,

This should be achievable without Transport Rules. You'll need to lock down your connector from the third party service in Exchange Online, and also set up IP allow list for your in your secureity.microsoft.com portal Connection Filter Policy for provider (off the top of my head this is in the Email and Colloboration section, under anti spam polices). This will always accept messages from the IP range of your 3rd party partner bypassing spam filtering.


Hope this helps,
Thanks for the confirmation. It sounds like I did have it wrong then. Good to know.