Existing O365 and Adding Azure AD Connect to Active Directory - Do I Need Hybrid Exchange

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I have an all cloud email environment in O365 but an on-premises Active Directory environment.  We must introduce Azure AD Connect to get the two environment aligned.  I know what I need to do to soft match the O365 accounts with the on-premise AD accounts.  I also know I need at least an Exchange Management Tools server to management my users that will now be sourced on-premises.  What I do not know is if I need to run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard.  There is absolutely no mail currently on-premises and there never will be.  Do I still need to run HCW in this situation?  Thanks.

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Hi @a-s-17,


Based on your scenario, you need to run HCW to both Exchange OnPremises and Online to change attributes when you change properties on your users.


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