Exchange with external persons (service providers and freelancers)

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we cooperate with many external persons (service providers and freelancers). These people must be able to receive and send e-mails on our behalf, and are licensed with Exchange Online (Plan 1). As far as I know, these people can create/detect/join OWA groups and view public calendars. However, these persons may only have access to their own account (e-mails, calendar, persons and tasks). Is there a possibility to adjust their access rights?

The possible invitation and thus the access to MS Teams should continue to work.
Excluded is to set the groups to private and to let the e-mails run over another domain (provider).


Thanks for your help.


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Hi @FloStu,

Great question. Could you clarify what you mean by adjusting their access rights? For example, if you mean can these users have full/send as permissions and access to others mailbox then you can. You would need to set these permissions in the Exchange Admin Centre.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard,


the external persons should only have access (send/receive) to their own company e-mails, they should not have any rights like normal users/employees and should therefore see internal information such as calendars, groups, persons, tasks. Basically they should be guests with a company e-mail address.



Hi @FloStu,

I am not aware of any functionality which would permit a user to be a guest at the same time as having a mailbox within your Office 365 environment

@adam deltinger @Chris Webb - am I wrong here?

Best, Chris

hmm, not that I'm familiar with! 



Hi @Christopher Hoard,


Funny, we can't be the only ones who work with external employees but want to limit them to email only?!

I have set up a new Outlook Web Policy for testing, so the user only has the old view (no calendar or groups) if he click on the Outlook icon at the O365 dashboard but if he knows the url ( he will end up in the new Outlook.


Best, Flo