Exchange Online - Shared Mailbox, Room Mailbox Owner.


Hey Guys, 


Quick question for you. I am trying to figure out who is listed as the Owner of a shared or room mailbox in exchange online. 


I know that Room Mailbox do not have "Owner, Manager" listed anywhere in ECP or PowerShell, but they do when you run Get-Aduser. 


How do I view the actual owner of either the shared or room mailbox? I don't mean the Full Access Permissions / Send as. 





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There's no such thing as "owner" of a shared/room mailbox. You can look at the mailbox permissions and get a list of anyone assigned Full Access. Similarly, you can look at the calendar processing settings and get any ResourceDelegate configured. If you want to know who created the object, check the admin audit log.

@Robert Bollinger 


To my knowledge there is no actual owner of shared/resource mailboxes.  Can you share a screen shot of the get-aduser that you refer to please?