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Just a short question

In Exchange On-Prem I can set some valences in my send connectors, to "plan" my mail routing.

In Exchange Online, is this possible too, or not?

I have the problem that ALL mail traiffic (include my mails to internal users between Exchange online and Lotus Notes) goes from O365 over my hybrid connector to On-Prem (Exchange 2016 Hybrid Server) and then to my outbound servers, and NOT (what I want what they have to do) over a connector in which I have included my internal notes domains.

The hybird connector has a "*" as accepted domains, the Lotus Notes Conenctor only domains like

But we have seen that ALL traffic uses the automatic created Hybrid Connector. 



greetings from germany


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Read a bit about mailrouting in exchange online and hybrid here:


If you cant figure it out, let me know. I can see if i find the documentation of a tenant i setup with hybrid, hwre they used to have Lotus Notes before.