Exchange Online Protection with On-Premise Exchange Licenses

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When one subscribes to the service, do we also need to pay for alias and distribution group emails?

As an example, if we have 10 named users and we have 5 distribution groups and 5 alias emails, do we pay for 10 licenses or 20 licenses @ $1.00 / user / month?


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No, you pay per user , and a user can Have several aliases! You don’t license groups or shared mailboxes, DL etc, but the people accessing them need a license..there is an exception for shared mailboxes over 50 go though!
So in your case you have to pay for 10 licenses!

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Just saw I misread your question a bit :) regarding eop licensing on-prem you don’t license DL and aliases! You only license per mailbox..DIstribution lists and aliases are not accounts themselves