Exchange Online - mailbox size

Hi, I understand that you can change the mailbox size of single users using thr PowerShell cmdlets.
How would you apply mailbox sizes for all users in a particular Azure AD group (email enabled)? So that when a new user is created and added to the group they also receive the mailbox size?
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You cannot do this. There is no trigger that fires on becoming a member of a group that would fire an admin task.

Now if you had your own provisioning system then you would add the rules to this so that as long as your workflow was followed then you could do anything you could script. But just adding the user in the portal or running the PowerShell directly would not cause your additional changes to trigger.

That said, always interested in why when storage is not an issue, you want to reduce users mailbox sizes?
I guess you could write a powershell script that pulls the members of a group and then set the quota! This could be scheduled to run or done manually! But not dynamically!
You can also set an attribute of some sort or use existing to filter on!