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Hello Community,

we are using Outlook 2016 MSI (16.0.4954.1000, 32-Bit) as Mailclient in our Company. The Mailboxes are in Exchange online. We would like to use OME for internal encryption. The Option "encrypt only" doesn't appear in the Client and Microsoft had confirmed, that this option will not be available in this Client.


If we are using the "do not forward" option, the mail is encrypted and can only be read by the intended receipient. Outlook 2016 can decrypt the message and show it to the user.

Now the question: Is it possible to build an option like "do not forward" WITHOUT the restrictions to forward, copy, etc and only encrypt the mail with the same technique readable in Outlook 2016 (with AIP?)


Thanks in advance


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You can publish additional templates with most of the restrictions lifted, but there's no analog of encrypt only. The problem is actually attributing the templates to the recipient, which is not a trivial task. Why don't you simply use OWA to send such messages instead?

@Vasil Michev 

Hi Vasil,


thanks for your reply.

We could use OWA for encryption, but it ist awful for our users to switch the mail-client to send and read encrypted messages. This is the reason why I try to find a comfortable Solution inside the Outlook 2016 Client.

30 Minutes ago I created a label in AIP with the setting from example 4 of this Article:

Hopefully it will show in Outlook 2016 and work like the "encrypt only" option.