Exchange 2010 to O365 Migration batches stalling and resuming all the time

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Everything is setup correctly and emails are going to the cloud with our slow connection (3mbps upload) However the batches are pausing many times in the day for two reasons. 


StalledDueToTarget_Processor and StalledDueToTarget_DiskLatency.  And we have to resume the batch many times or even restart the server once per day. 


Our exchange server with the MRS proxy is a virtual machine. In the beginning we thought that the resources are not enough so this Virtual machine was moved to an HP ML350 G8 Server with 15gb dedicated ram along with 6 virtual processors. Data is stored on 5 10k SAS disks on raid 5 Array on server's RAID controller ( not the onboard)


What can i do about it? Is it normal to have so many stalls?


thank you in advance


Kostas K.


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