Exception folder to retention policy

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We want to create a retention policy, for each OneDrive and Exchange Online.  The policy for OneDrive would delete anything that hasn't been modified in 2 years.  The exception being that a user could have an "amnesty" folder that would be exempt from the retention policy.  Anything in the amnesty folder would be ignored by the retention policy.


Same idea for Exchange.  Each mailbox would have a folder (call it "amnesty") that would be exempt from the retention policy.  Anything placed there, no matter how old, would not be deleted.  


Are these concepts possible?  Is it possible with the GUI and Powershell tools as they exist?  Would I need 3rd party tools?  If so, can anyone point me to recommendations?


Note:  I realize the amnesty folder concept is a compliance/security nightmare.  However, without one, I don't believe I can implement any form of retention policy. 


Thanks in advance.

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Not possible via the new-style retention policies you configure from the SCC, they apply to the entire content of the mailbox. With old-style Exchange retention policies you can target specific folders, but they dont support OneDrive.

@Vasil Michev   That's my fear and it's been born out so far in my research.  I was hoping someone had some information that would lead me to a different conclusion.