Excel stops working when Page edited

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I have an excel book with a lot of sortby and lookup functions, among others. It opened fine before, but on June 1, it began locking up any time I edit one specific table or even select those cells. I'll try to upload the file for inspection, if anyone can get it to work. I appreciate the help. I can't help thinking a function has been removed from my version somehow. The trouble is when editing the PM Accounts tab.

Thank you.


EDIT: original attachment removed, as there's no longer a reason to share it. 

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It's probably locking up because of the amount of data in it. It locked when I tried to launch it on my PC so I tried Google spreadsheets instead and it opened up fine.
I would recommend using either Excel online from Microsoft or Google spreadsheet(Free) to edit this workbook since its such a resource hog on a computer. Editing it online will transfer all the processing to the SAAS app and it wont slow or lock your PC. I was able to edit the PM tab there as well.


Thanks @Ash365 . I converted it to Google Sheets. Some of the functions needed to be changed, but it was too big for Excel online. Appreciate the guidance. 


I seem to be forgotten halfway thru my problem solving. Haven't herad for 3 or 4 days. Please have someone help me today. I will be out of town tomorrow. thank you. Frank@BO1LER