excel spill error with row multiplication

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I am having issues with excel when naming a row (row_name) to use in formula. Using the named row in a formula for cells below creates a spill error. When using the row_name to multiply I get a spill error that says that the spill range is too big. When I send it to a colleague it solves itself and the error goes away, what is going wrong? In the case below I have used the name "Inflation_factor_Mid_year_nominal" shown in the




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Hi @runner200 


There is some data that is be obstruction show the result, or the cell is merged. 


#SPILL! error introduce in Excel with Dynamic Arrays (Microsoft365 [formally Office365] – mac/windows and Excel Online) with new calculation engine to handle the array functionality.


this blog post might be help for you to more in detail about spill

How to correct a #SPILL! error - Office Support (microsoft.com)



when you are sending the file to your colleague the information is not getting spill because he/she don't have new calculation engine to handle the array functionality. 


if you are still facing the issue kindly request you to please attach the sample file.


Regards, Faraz Shaikh | MCT, MIE, MOS Master, Excel Expert

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