Excel Problem with the Auto Fill Option

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I have a Problem with the Auto fill Option.

I want to complete a multiplication.

For Example:

  Column A *10

Formel: =A1*10


The Problem is that only the first row is correct. The following are wrong. 


Thank you a lot.



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Hey Sebastian, Try manually filling in 3-4 of the cells, then do autofill. In my experience when autofill gets something wrong it is typically because i have not supplied enough data. So if you are trying to multiple them all by 10, then make c-2, 20, c-3 30, c-4 40, then try the autofill again. Adam
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May be silly, but do you have auto calc turned off?  Press F9 to see if you calcs work.

You are a genius. =D

I don't know why but the Auto calculation was on manual.
Thanks a lot. =D
My autofill works in the rows but not in the columns. I tried F9 and it didn't do anything.

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My auto fill is not working.... checked Options-advance and that checks out... tried F9 as the response suggested but that didn't do anything at all..... I am sure the functionality is turned off somehow, but not sure what to do.