Excel Online Auto Complete Wrapping Text Incorrectly

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A Microsoft tech support agent directed me to this forum for additional assistance, so I'm hoping there is a solution for my problem or way to bring it to the attention of a Microsoft developer.  For the past 2 weeks, I have been noticing that auto complete in Microsoft Excel Online does not correctly fill text in cells when using Acer Chromebooks and the latest version of Chrome OS with Google Chrome Browser.  The pattern of the error is related to the amount of text entered on a particular line before using auto complete, e.g, "WiFi Router" would appear as "i RouterWif" if I were to use auto complete after entering 3 characters.  I did a Google search before contacting Microsoft support and also used this forum's search function before posting here and was unable to locate any helpful info.  Is this a known issue?  Does anyone know of a potential solution that involves still being able to use web-based Microsoft Office apps as opposed to switching to their Android counterparts?

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