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I work in the water / wastewater industry and we have a program that we use to pull numbers off of for the wastewater portion to calculate a two hour peak flow. The program pulls the daily flows for the month in 15 minute increments. I need to find the highest combined flow for two hours (9 cells). Is there a formula that can do this? Normally I have to scroll through the whole month and find the highest.

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Hi @Kayla_Marley 

If I understand this properly, you would first need to populate the flow for the combined past two hours for each given time, then return the highest number. See the attached spreadsheet if it helps. (I input some random number in there).

Column A is a date and time, incremented every 15 minutes.

B is the flow returned by your program.

C is the combined 2 hours flow.

E is a simple =MAX(C:C) which is what finds your highest number in column C 


Does that help?