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Frustrated on this one.


=IF(($B12="management"),IF($R12="lodge only",($P12*$AN$3),IF($R12="travel",IFNA(VLOOKUP($K12,'Accounts Rates'!$A$3:$K$54,MATCH($R12,'Accounts Rates'!$A$2:$K$2,0),FALSE),"0")*($O12*$AN$2*2),IF($R12="lodge",($AN$3*$O12)*$M12))+(IFNA(VLOOKUP($K12,'Accounts Rates'!$A$3:$K$54,MATCH($Q12,'Accounts Rates'!$A$2:$K$2,0),FALSE),"0")*$P12)))


Obviously gives a "false" result in the cell and have tried every configuration, but this gives me the result I need when the correct inputs in the referenced cells are utilised. However, have a sum that is reliant to this cell answer and as has "false" in it then gives #valve response. What am I missing as believe used the precursor's iferror etc.

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