Error sending automatic, external and internal (oof) messages

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I have an email box configured with automatic responses, and messages are being dropped by the office when it is sent, I searched all the docs and found nothing,

Error message:
Mar 6, 2020 10:22:51 AM
Message received by: FR1PR80MB2039
Mar 6, 2020 10:22:52 AM
The message was submitted.
Mar 6, 2020 10:22:52 AM
Message received by: FR1PR80MB4889 using TLS1.2 with AES256
Mar 6, 2020 10:22:52 AM
Reason: [{LED = 250 2.1.5 RESOLVER.OOF.SuppressExternal; external OOFs are suppressed}; {MSG =}; {FQDN =}; {IP =}; {LRT =}]
Mar 6, 2020 10:22:52 AM
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attached image,

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As the message suggests, external replies seem to be blocked. Check the global/per-domain settings:


Get-RemoteDomain | select Name,AllowedOOFType

@Vasil Michev  Thank you very much for your help, below are the settings


PS C:\ArquivosOffice365> Get-RemoteDomain | select Name,AllowedOOFType

Name AllowedOOFType
---- --------------
Default ExternalLegacy

ExternalLegacy  should work, but you can also try to set it to External.