Error messages in multiple languages when setting user profile properties using PnP-PowerShell

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I'm currently setting up custom user profile replication from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online for a customer. I have implemented this using PnP-PowerShell and the The script iterates over 14,000 on-prem profiles (from a search result) and sets 4 custom user profile properties in SarePoint Online.


When looking at the error log my script produced, I see that several of the user profiles doesn't exist in SharePoint Online, and this is expected. What I didn't expect is to get the error messages in other languages than english. Here are some examples:


User Profile Error 1000: User Not Found: Could not load profile data from the database.
User Profile Error 1000: Det gick inte att hitta användaren: Det gick inte att läsa in profildata från databasen.
User Profile Error 1000: Der Benutzer wurde nicht gefunden: Die Profildaten aus der Datenbank konnten nicht geladen werden.
User Profile Error 1000: Gebruiker niet gevonden: kan de profielgegevens niet ophalen uit de database.
User Profile Error 1000: Utilisateur introuvable : impossible de charger les données du profil de la base de données.
User Profile Error 1000: Brugeren blev ikke fundet: Profildataene kunne ikke indlæses fra databasen.
User Profile Error 1000: Utente non trovato. Impossibile caricare i dati del profilo dal database.

User Profile Error 1000: Пользователь не найден. Не удалось загрузить содержимое профиля из базы данных.


Is there anything I can do to get the errors in english only, is this expected behaviour or a "bug"?

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Do you get all error messages by running a single Set-PnPUserProfileProperty Cmdlet? Or do you get messages returned in random languages while you runt the Cmdlet many times?

Random languages. My script invokes the cmdlet approximately 60,000 times, and I get 2,500 errors. The languages are unrelated to the user profiles that are not found.

Hi @Petter Skodvin-Hvammen,


I just tried the same on a few of my tenants and I'm not finding the same issue. All my errors seems to be in english. 

Well, that's a classic "it works in my environment" statement =D


Maybe this only occurs in tenants with users from multiple regions and multiple languages. I don't know, but it's making the life of our administrators hard, as they would need to manage the languages of the world.


PS! We also have one instance of a sharing notification email in Italian. Haven't figured out what happened there either. The user who shared was Dutch, and the same was the user he shared to.

I meant to say I'm running out of ideas ;)


In your script where you update the many 1000s profiles. Can you find out which user profile you've been updating? Could it be that you removed the user profile but somehow there is still something left of the user? 


I've also seen every now and then Office 365 using foreign language bits in the admin center. A bit like someone is testing multiple languages out on tenants.

i have no idea. It's more than two years since I last worked on this, but it wasn't resolved back then.