ERROR CODE 30015-11 (3221225506)

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I have tried installing OFFICE 365 however the message ERROR CODE 30015-11 (3221225506) came up towards the end of the installation process (refer to image)



So far I have tried the following:


1. BOTH Quick Repair and Online Repair however same issue still persists


2. A format of the system, however same issue still persists

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If you have completely formatted and reinstalled Windows then I would be at a loss to explain why the issue persists for you.  When you reinstalled Windows, did you then install Office before any other programs (EG, anti virus products etc)?



It seems that "formatting" through the "REMOVE EVERYTHING" function provided on WINDOWS 10 did not resolve the issue (Refer to Image 1).


HOWEVER, I then attempted to reinstall WINDOWS 10 through a PEN DRIVE and in such method, I was then able to successfully install MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 (Refer to Image 2).

Matthias_Grech_0-1588414629647.pngImage 1




Image 2




How strange.  Glad you were able to resolve this.

Glad that problem solved, just want to add that error code means corrupted registry.
In such case, you may try:

Hello! I'm glad you got your problem solved. I'm going to move this conversation to the Office 365 space as I'm not sure it completely relates to the Enabling Remote Work topic. Thank you!