encrypt button available for some users having same version of outlook 2016


For O365

I have about 48 users say 20 have E1 license.  I know they would need the add on of AIP, but 10 have the encryption button available on Outlook and 10 do not.  All 20 have the same Outlook version and licenses.

I can't figure out where to look to explain this to my boss.

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@Fixxser2 Hi, I believe you're talking about the built-in OME (Office Message Encryption) which comes with these subscriptions https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/compliance/ome-faq?view=o365-worldwide#what-subscript...


So I assume you're eligible by using any of these.


You can control the appearance of the button in Outlook using policies (and online) but as I understand you haven't done anything? Do the other users see the "permission" button instead of the "encrypt" button? You're saying the same version, are the using the same build as well?


How does it look in Outlook on the web, available for all?





yes same version, same build of Outlook 2016.  This install is from a volume license product key.  I will have to check about the permissions button.  Here is more detail: One user has the button for over a year, but a new user with a VL install does not.  Do you think it is a matter of a registry key?

The OWA is fine.

@Fixxser2 Hi, I don't think it's the registry key actually as you didn't mention it, but you never know. Perhaps an admin has experimented or similar. It could be that some users at some point has downloaded the AIP client as it will add the encrypt button as well. In previous Outlook builds the button is named "permissions" and later on they changed it to "encrypt".