Enable external sharing for selected users and teams only

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We have
-an internal site collection where we do not allow external sharing.
-onedrives for ~50 users, no external sharing allowed
-a number of Teams, no external sharing allowed

We would like to
1. allow external sharing for onedrive for selected users.
2. Allow external members in selected teams.
3. Keep evertything else internal only.

I would appreciate some guidance on how to achieve this.

Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for the links.


I have enabled external sharing for Sharepoint and OneDrive now, and disbled it on the individual users' onedrives through admin center, per the instructions at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/onedrive/user-external-sharing-settings


Now comes the weird part: When I have removed the external sharing ability from a user, the link to the settings disappears from the admin center. I can't turn it on again. Please advice on how to get it back!




In addition to this I have tried to enable external sharing for a user through PS instead as is mentioned in the docs. But I get an error:

Annotation 2020-06-06 073534.png


So, to summarize:

1. I enabled external sharing for OneDrive

2. I disabled external OneDrive sharing on the individual users

3. No I can't enable external OneDrive sharing on the individual users again, the management link is gone from admin center, and the PS command returns an error.

@Tobbe674953 Hello! You're trying to configure a ODFB site collection and the message tells you that you cannot use it, but instead you have other parameters that are highlighted in red. I'm finding it a bit difficult to fully understand what you're doing, you can't access https://admin.onedrive.com/ ?


"You can also change the external sharing setting for a specific OneDrive user by using Microsoft PowerShell and running the cmdlet Set-SPOSite with the parameter -SharingCapability".