Emails in inbox not syncing

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Hello all. Dire need of help. This is what transpired:


1.Logged into outlook (365) as per usual. Got the "cannot start outlook. Cannot open the outlook windows. The set of folders cannot be opened.Outlook cannot start because a data file to send and recieve messages cannot be found......etc"

2. Checked the forums here, found the only solution was to add another "profile" which I did and set my email information etc. (IMAP account). Linked the archived as well.

3. All the sent emails synced and loaded, no problem here. The inbox only loaded past weeks' emails and the archived emails (from 2017). The inbox is not loading/syncing the rest of the emails.



What do I do!? If i can get the original profile working that's fine. otherwise the new profile I just need the inbox to sync and show all emails as per usual. Please help!

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