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I just wanted to get some clarity. I have just rolled out archive mailboxes to all our O365 users. Users have asked if they search using the "SearchMail and People" box in their O365 web client does the search include both mailboxes. The results are currently returning some inconsistent results.


I generally find searching this way doesn't always bring back all the results that the user would expect but this now seems markedly different. I only rolled out the archive yesterday so it may that? I don't know.

Any clarity on this would be appreciated.



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Hi Alistair,


Are your users using the new OWA experience? Would recommend the users to log into OWA and then switch to 'The New Outlook' on the top right of the screen. Once changed to the new OWA experience the search bar is at the top. You can search on the archive explicitly as the screenshot below shows or do both the mailbox and archive by switching the option to all folders.




Hope that helps. 


Has data started to go into the archive for your users following the setup of the retention policy? Some forget to start the managed folder assistant which kicks it off.


Best, Chris



Thanks. We are currently using the old client because it doesn't seem to allow the user to attach tags to the email. This used to be quite straight forward by right clicking and assign policy but that option isn't available. I had assumed it was a feature that has still to be released.


I created the archives yesterday but didn't run the managed folder assistant. Should I have run this globally for everyone at the time of the change?



Yes, run the managed folder assistant after applying the retention policy. You should only have to do it once to set it off.

I would be tempted to say that if doing a search to tell users to flip to the new experience in order to do the search (since they have access to the switch) however I do realise that this may cause confusion. Interesting to know about assign policy and it being missing as I didn't notice this! The search mail and people box ought to search across the mailbox and archive mailbox: however for peace of mind I would explicitly test this by manually moving a mail with a distinctive subject line into the archive and then searching.

Best, Chris