Email "Sent Items" folder is missing all of sudden


From Yesterday on wards the sent items fold is missing. I tried many google search and tried all those experiments and still no luck. When I search in the search bar, I am able to see te send emails. But unable to find in the left side panel.


How can I fix this?

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Can you see it in the webmail/OWA? If so, the local Outlook profile is corrupt, so just create a new one. 

@Vasil MichevYes I did check on OWA and its not there also. I wonder what could be the reason. As our company is Microsoft Certified Partner, I checked with the local support and they are unable to solve this issue.

@jabbarsh Are the folders under the account collapsed?  If so, click on the > to the left of the account.2020-12-08_19-41-14.jpg

There is also a chance that you may have inadvertently dragged the Sent Items folder into another folder.  So open all of the folders and check to see if the Sent Items folder is inside one of them.

@DeletedThose process I already tried, Checked the entire folder and panel. Its just vanished and no where able to find it.

Next step would be to run Get-MailboxFolderStatistics and check the folder structure there. Running Outlook with the /resetfolders flag might also help.

Hi, how can I get the - Get-MailboxFolderStatistics.

Running Outlook with the /resetfolders has already tried and didnt work.