email filtered as spam


one of my user ecountered email sent to him from customers that is filtered as spam and deleted.

how do i undelete it or prevent from being classify as spam ?

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his colleague was able to received the same email.
he is the only one being received as spam
Hi @GV IT,

At a personal level, which sounds like what is happening here you can add the email to the safe senders list

They may also have an inbox rule that is causing it.

At an organisational level if it happens to multiple users you can also whitelist the email/domain on the allow list

In terms of recovery try deleted items folder in the mailbox first and if not there try recover deleted items in OWA

If you have a journaling solution such as Global Relay you may be able to restore back from that

Hope that answers your questions

Best, Chris

You seem to have a policy that specifically chooses to delete spam messages, so you might want to take a look at the policy settings and update them as necessary.