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I have lost the ability to create and asign Category flags to my emails.

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you must have accidentally messed it up the scope ...
set the current scope from 'Current Mailbox' to 'All Mailboxes' then and make it default in File > Option > Search > Results. Then select a 'Sent' (date) search, your categories will appear there.

Please let me know if this helps,

thanks but no, that's not it.  The actual functionality of tagging an item with a category flag or even making it a High Priority message has disappeared. 

Can you provide me a screenshot of it ?

Also what platform is this on?

Are you on Outlook ProPlus (Office 365), 2016, 2013?

Is this OWA?


bit hard, not sure what I can screen shot when I can't make it appear.  I'm a bit stumped.


Office 365