ediscovery search for Denmark Personal Identification Number

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Using ediscovery searching for "Denmark Personal Identification Number" in exchange on all mailboxes, my search result only shows false results. No result contains itens with "Denmark Personal Identification Number".


I am using the following search string:

SensitiveType:"Denmark Personal Identification Number|*|70.."


What am i doing wrong?




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If I remember correctly and unless something has changed recently, the SensitiveType keyword is only available for searches against SPO, not Exchange. Here's the UserVoice item on this that has been opened for years now: https://office365.uservoice.com/forums/273493-office-365-admin/suggestions/15824158-enable-sensitive...


@Tony Redmond should be better informed on this subject.


Looks like Denmark Personal Id number is supported by Exchange: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/policy-and-compliance/data-loss-prevention/sensitive-infor... 


Maybe you should open a support ticket?




Supported as a sensitive type in DLP, yes. However, is the SensitiveType keyword supported at all for eDiscovery against Exchange?


That's a good question. However, you could start from the position that when a sensitive data type is supported for DLP by Exchange, it should be supported elsewhere because the intention is that's the way the data governance framework works... so I think it's worth a support call.


That was my expectation as well, however a test search I run returned pretty much every exchange item, which is similar to what Robert has reported above about incorrect results. So I figured I'd involve you as well :)


I think Vasil Michev is right, it is not supported against Exchange, when searhing.

I will dig into this further.


It is not supported:

while you can’t currently use Content Search to find personal data at rest in Exchange Online mailboxes, you can use the sensitive information types you curate for GDPR to find and protect personal information as it is sent through email.





Pretty clear:


Finding personal data subject to GDPR relies on using sensitive information types in Office 365. These define how the automated process recognizes specific information types such as health service numbers and credit card numbers. At this time these cannot be used to find data in Exchange mailboxes at rest. However, sensitive information types can be used with data loss prevention policies to find personal data in mail while in transit.


Always good to read the documentation!  Thanks for finding it.


I should have read my own material. This topic is covered in Chapter 20 of Office 365 for IT Pros...


Well I did scan the documentation on Content search, it doesn't explicitly mention that the SensitiveType keyword is not supported. I'll just open an issue for the documentation team to update the docs...