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We are in the process of preparing to integrate a recent acquisition, the email system they have is on a an Office365 tenancy and we need to migrate all data into our Office365 tenancy.  We are not talking a large scale migration <50 mailboxes.


I have been looking at the eDiscovery export to PST then using the Office365 import process.  However, I am noticing that when exporting the data to PST file and then importing the data into the destination mailbox, it is not importing the data under the mailbox, it is creating a separate folder.  Also none of the Calendar entries are going into the Calendar and contacts are not going into the contacts area


Any help or guidance would be appreciated

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Looked at all these? https://support.office.com/en-us/article/how-to-migrate-mailboxes-from-one-office-365-tenant-to-anot...


Yes, eDiscovery flattens a mailbox, so none of the items are in the folders (basically metatags) that they were left in by the user.

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Thanks for your reply.


Yeah have been following that link on process of migrating mailboxes.  Unfortunately there are not the funds available to acquire a 3rd party product\tool.


The PST export is creating the folder structure under <email address name> \ <email address primary folder> \ <Top of information store>.  Resolution appears to be is to open up PST and to drag the folders up to under <email address name> folder




Have a look at this:- http://www.office365tips.org/export-office-365-to-pst-using-ediscovery/

If above method fails or takes more time, you may also try automated solution SysTools Office 365 Backup Solutions for export as PST file and restore back to Office 365 tenant. This may cost you only a few dollars.


Normally, you can export Office 365 mailboxes into PST format using eDiscovery, but it will take time.

And also you can create backup Office 365 mailboxes to PST using outlook account, for more details you can visit: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/export-or-backup-email-contacts-and-calendar-to-an-outlook-...

 If you are not comfortable with the above both process then you can use a third party tool to create backup Office 365 Mailboxes. There are many third parties available but I suggest to use MailsDaddy Office 365 Backup Tool.



Hi @EADavid Frankland 

As a software expert, I recommend you use a professional tool to backup and restore your PST files. We know that using the eDiscovery tool is a difficult process to restore PST emails. Hence, I suggest you use third-party software named Office 365 Backup tool that can easily backup and restore your Office 365 mailboxes with ease. You can use this tool as it offers free backup of 50 email files without any cost.