E3 license removed but mailbox still receives mail.

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Issue: E3 license removed but mailbox still receives mail.


I was wondering if anyone knows why this happens? 


Solution: Remove the proxy addresses from on-premise AD account

Env: On-premise AD, Hybrid syncing to Azure AD. 


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quick question: when you say "mailbox still receives mail" do you mean:

  1. The user is still capable to access his/her mailbox via OWA/Outlook client and send/receive email
  2. You see inbound mails coming into the target user mailbox

If point 1 is the case then is very weird

If you refer to point 2 then I guess is the expected behavior. 

If not mistaken, when you remove a user's license, the user mailbox will remain in Exchange Online until it is deleted by an Exchange or M365 admin.

Hello, @VirtualTech, I had a similar issue, and here is how I solved the problem. I changed the passwords to prevent users from logging in and disabled OWA and ActiveSync.


After that, I deleted proxy addresses in the on-premise Active Directory account. You can also just remove the users' accounts but you should remember that data will be kept only for 30 days, for me, it was not a problem as I used a backup software from NAKIVO.


I hope my answer will help other users, here is a useful thread on the same topic: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2204032-o365-mailbox-still-receiving-email-after-license-was-...