e-discovery search based on meeting appointment start time?

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Hi all,


I am currently working on an ediscovery case, which requires me to search a particular user mailbox for calendar entries.


What I would like to achieve is an export of the mailbox calendar appointments (kind:meeting) based on the actual date of the appointment (i.e. the Start Time), rather than the date on which the appointment was send/received, however going from docs articles, it does not look like this is possible ( which seems like a rather irritating limitation of the O365 SCC.


Is anyone aware of how I could achieve my goal?

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I dont think it's possible with the KQL syntax, sorry. What you can do is get all the meeting items, than use some script/code to fetch the relevant MAPI properties out of each item and filter by it.

Thanks @Vasil Michev , I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I will look into doing this another way.