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HI! New member here. I hope I am posting in the correct forum. Please let me know.


Here is what I am dealing with. This is not a one-time occurrence, it happens every time. Trust me, I tested it on multiple machines, just to be sure.


1 - I created an Excel workbook in Office 2013 on a Windows 7 PC 

2 - I saved it as My_Workbook.xlsx.

3 - I then printed that workbook to a pdf creation utility (I tried 2 different programs on 2 different Windows 7 machines). Both programs ask the user for a filename to save the pdf as.

4 - I saved the pdf that the "Print to pdf" program created as My_PDF_Workbook.pdf.

4a - (I also Saved the workbook as a pdf directly from using Excel - Save As...pdf, just as a test)

5 - I then emailed the pdf to my gmail account.


Here's the part that's OK:


If I open the pdf from Outlook 2013 on my PC or from in my browser or from the gmail app on my phone, it opens the pdf as My_PDF_Workbook.pdf, as expected. If I save the file, it saves it as My_PDF_Workbook.pdf as expected. That's all good.


Here's the part that's not OK:


If I open the pdf via (on a PC or a Chromebook) it opens the file as My_Workbook.xlsx - document.pdf. Note that the original xlsx file name is visible. If I then download the pdf, saves it as document.pdf:




I don't understand why, or even how, knows (and retains) the original .xlsx file name and shows it in the file name when it's opened. I also don't understand why it saves the pdf under the name of document.pdf. Subsequent saves of this pdf (or other pdf's) saves them as document (1).pdf, then document (2).pdf,  etc. This forces me to rename the file so I know which one is which or forward them, etc. 


My biggest concern is that if I were to send the original pdf to someone else that uses, they are going to see the name of the original Excel file. I don't want that to happen. That forces me to rename the file before I send it to someone. (If I didn't I have a Chromebook, I wouldn't be using and I never would have know that this was happening. That's scary.) 


Can anyone explain why does this? Further, can anyone explain how knows the name of the original .xlsx file even after it has been printed to or saved as a pdf?




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Isn’t my workbook a default name? Didn’t you rename it to: my_pdf_workbook?

I have no clue how it picks up the excel bit though

Thank you for the response.


No, "my workbook" is not a default name. The default name for an Excel file is Book1, or Book2 if Book1 is currently open, or Book3 if Book2 is currently open, etc.


"My_Workbook.xlsx" and "My_pdf_Workbook.pdf" were just example names for the purpose of my question. The bottom line is whatever filename I use to save the .xlsx file is the name that is somehow picked up by, along with "- document.pdf" appended to it. However, when I save the document to my PC or Chromebook, drops the filename.xlsx portion and saves it as document.pdf. If document.pdf already exists in the download folder, it saves it as document (1).pdf, etc. The filename that I give the xlsx file when I convert it to a pdf is completely ignored.


gmail picks up the pdf filename and Outlook 2013 (within Office 2013) picks up the pdf filename. It's only that uses the original Excel filename, including the .xlsx extension, and then adds "- document.pdf" when it displays the pdf but then drops the xlsx filename when it saves it. 


It's all very strange.