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Hi all,


We have a hybrid setup with several domains connected, but one has been missing recently from the 'Accepted Domains' in Exchange Online. I found out a couple of days ago because I couldn't modify a mailbox with an alias with this domain.


I have tried to remove it from O365 and re-add it, but it still doesn't show up.

It is configured on our on-premise Exchange 2016 server, so I tried to run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard. However, it doesn't show there as well.


Anyone have any tips to get it working?



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Being added to O365 is not sufficient, you need to select "Exchange Online" for the list of services when configuring it. If you've already done that and more than 24h have passed, open a support case.

Hi @Vasil Michev,

Thank you for your reply! I did select the 'Exchange Online' option, but no luck so far. I have just created a support case, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

This has been solved by Microsoft support. Some processes in the datacenter were stuck as I've been told.