Do you have to drive deployment AND adoption of Office 365?


If the answer is yes then we have the free program for you... We have expanded our Office 365 Champions program to include all IT Pros, "accidental" developers and business users who are looking to do more with Office 365.  We are kicking off our best practices and use case series this month on October 17th with our public community calls at 8am and 5pm Pacific.  We'd love to see you there.  


All you have to do is sign up for the program at to get access to our dedicated forum here on the Tech Community.  That will get you access to our monthly community calls with Microsoft experts, real world stories from people like yourselves and early access to resources & tools to simplify your journey.  


After a decade in the Microsoft community space I'm extremely excited to host this expanded program for all of you. Join us, in the forum, our community calls and at our various events and we will help you expand your knowledge and use of Office 365.


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@Karuana GatimuI have tried numberous times to register for the O365 champions programme with no luck. The registration does not go through and when I am directed to the LinkedIn group it says the group is not found.

Where am I going wrong?

@Karen_1  I just recently joined myself. It looks like relevant information can be found here


However, here is a better page: There is a link to a team calendar here. 




Hello  @Karen_1  and  @Kevin McKeown   Yes we found there was an old template being sent to new registrants. We are fixing it.  You are in the right place.  AND if you got the email with the broken link then you'll know your info is in our database :)  Visit the link and get old presentations, recordings and the link to the calendar you can import into your app so you see our appointments.  Thanks!

@Karuana GatimuAll my attempts at joining seem to have been processed simultaniously so I am now in the programme. The linkedIn group link is still not working however, but at least I am now in the right place.