Do we have multiple choice grid in Microsoft Forms?

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Do we have multiple choice grid in Microsoft Forms?



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Isn't that just as simple as :-



Question with multiple answers, each with yes/no state.

Not necessarily as simple as that.

The multiple chose grid in Google Forms allows more than two choices, for example:


form screengrab.png


Is this possible in MS Forms?

You changed the question


You cant achieve the same 'look', but you can ask the same rating questions ...



I would really like to see this option coming to MS Forms as well

I also need this grid but i think this is not available in Office 365 form the main reason of using this grid is that, it reduces the number of question also we don't have control on question numbers and can not add some sections in the form too. If any one know about these kindly let me know.


Thank you

FYI, to those currently looking for an answer to this (like I had been), this feature was made available in 2018 via the "Likert" option.

MS Forms Likert.png

google form multiple selection.PNGI


I need to select multiple boxes from the same column such as the image attached. Can Microsoft Forms allow this?  

Not sure exactly What you mean but there is a multipel choice and you can set more than one Value

Thanks for your reply.


If you can see the image attached to the previous comment, it shows two values selected from the same row. This does not seem to be possible in Microsoft Forms. I used Google Forms to create that image. Hoping this will be available in Microsoft Forms.

@ICU789 Hello there - did you find any joy with this? Were you able to do the survey using Microsoft Forms?


I changed my plans around so I would not require the multiple choice grid. I use Forms for basic things. I'm sure it will improve with time. 

@ICU789 Thanks for the response. Agree, forms fall quite short on this. I used smart survey to achieve this requirement. 

Yes, in a cumbesome slow way.