Do I need a private group?

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Hi All, my need:

I will be emailing out to people within and external to my organisation asking for a call to action, so I want to track who I have sent emails to, the take-up, or not, and the result of the take-up.


The obvious way to do this was Groups and planner, but I don't want any group interaction,  I don't want the recipients to know of each other, I don't want any welcome emails.  I just want to manage the campaign.

I have office 365 bus premium,


Have you done something similar?  if so how?


All thoughts, observations and recommendations are gratefully received.

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Is this a once-off, or will it be happening repeatedly?
You could always do a voting button in Outlook which will track who has voted and what their vote was, as well as who hasn't.
Otherwise - I would suggest manual tracking of the emails you've sent to everyone with a spreadsheet tracking what the result was.

Thanks, Loryan, I think that is where I am at (tracking via spreadsheet).


Groups would be great if only I could control it not sending out a welcome email or any other emails for that matter.


Could a SharePoint survey do the trick?

Just an idea...


take a look at MS Forms, 

Thanks Salvatore - will take a look

Yes, also Forms could be suitable.

For a comparison, have a look at


Thanks, Salvatore and Dean, both of these options have merits, but I do not think they will suit my needs. 


Essentially I have a load of email addresses most of which are in my contacts on office 365.

I want to invite them all 'individually' with an individually addressed note to a phone/ skype interview.  So I want to track everyone I have invited and then track the results ie those that declined/ want more information/ said yes etc.


I thought groups was my answer as I could set up multiple groups, to match the above and then move the contact card into the relevant bucket.


Essentially like MS Planner but without me having type in everyone's email address.


But I think I will go back to Planner and C&P the email addresses in and manage it that way.


I really appreciate your replies and the thinking time you have given this.




What you just described sounds like a opportunity to use MS Flow to create your custom message for each item in a sharepoint list.

Thanks Dean - I will take a look