DLP and SharePoint


Assuming I upload a document to SharePoint Online.


DLP would scan the document for a policy match. If there is a match, the specified action is enforced.


When the sensitive information is removed from the SharePoint document,


1) Does DLP immediately remove the enforced action?


2) If the action taken is to "Block access to the document", How long does it take DLP to remove the restriction placed on the document after the sensitive content has been deleted/removed (i.e. the document no longer matches a DLP Policy)?


3) When the sensitive information match is removed, is anyone notified?

Pls kindly share resources that i can read up on if possible.

2 Replies

1) Not until the document has been indexed. And if you are just creating the policy, not until it has been "pushed" to SPO, which can take a while...


2) That part should generally be fast, as the document is already indexed at that point and changes are easily reflected.


3) Notified? No, I don't think so.


@Juan Carlos González Martín is the resident SPO expert, tagging him just in case :)

Totally agree withg Vasil's answers :)