Distro List emails not being recvd with Out of Office on

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I recently turned on my Out of Office Assistant on my individual account, which worked fine.  The issue is that the I was apparently not receiving any of the emails being sent to the Distro List I am in.  Is there a work around?  Obviously, I need to be aware of things that are still being sent while I'm out and would like these to be in my inbox upon return. 

Thank in advance for help.

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Automatic replies out of the box will not keep you from receiving e-mails. You need to check and make sure you don't have a flow or some other kind of delegation going on where the e-mails are being forwarded out, or moved while you out of office. "Check your rules etc."

If you have nothing, have a message trace done and see that you are receiving it. If so check webmail, but after all that, you might have to just put a ticket in, because it should not do anything with your inbound messages.