Distribution list sync issue


Hello ,


We are in Hybrid env and i have some DL can not be synchronized  to office 365 .i check in the Azure Ad connect , in the metaverse database and i can see the modification is done but not figured out in office 365 portal?


any idea

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Are the contacts / users that you have inside that DL you just updated also sync into your Office 365 AD? If not, then that would cause it not to bring over and where I usually see this happen :), anything in that DL must also exist in your 365 AD.

@Chris Webb  there is no sync problem for this accoun added into this DL

The strange is the proxyadress it can be synchronized but adding members in delivery management it's not syncing .....



So is the DL listed on Exchange Online? You just aren't getting the members showing? Again are those members the same objects in on-prem AD that are also sync'd and showing in Azure AD?

@Chris Webb yes the DL is showing in Exchange Online portal.All the objcets are synced for the added user in azure AD

Is it also a security group? I want to say the group has to be set universal in order to sync properly.

@Chris Webb  of course is it

What is the error you get in the synchronisation engine or the AADConnect portal in Azure AD. That will tell you what the problem is

@Brian Reid  Ididnt find a error in the event and Azure Ad connect portal  about this DL .is there an other way ?

As I cannot see your admin portal, here is what I would look for:

1. Check that the user in Azure AD is the synced user from on-premises and that you do not have duplicate users
2. Check that the user is in the group in AD , and its the same group in AAD (i.e. synced and not a duplicate)
3. That the group is a Distribution List and not a Dynamic Distribution List (as these don't sync)
4. That the OU your users and DL are in are synced and not excluded from sync
5. That you are doing a full sync - you are not running with pilot mode enabled (only sync members of a group) and that you are syncing all attributes (you are not only syncing attributes for selected applications only)
6. In the sync engine check that the group (via connector space search and metaverse search) has the updates you expect
7. Run a full sync
8. In AzureAD/MSOL PowerShell check the group membership - it might be it has synced to AAD but not synced onward to EXODS (the Exchange Online Directory Service)

@Brian Reid  i cheked all theses points and i dnt see any confusion .  strange 

I opened a case for Office 365 support but they are very slow 

i'm waiting ...