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According to this quote "Disposition reviews require an Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscription" ( ) I would like to ask if only the 'Reviewer' needs the E5 license or all users within the tenant? I would assume the Reviewer is the only one who needs the E5 license, this person will be the only reviewer in the organization.


In this blog of Joanne C Klein ( ) she thinks that all users in the tenant need the E5 license. 


So now I am a bit confused, we have one person with this role and hope one E5 license for this functionality would be sufficient.






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you will need E5 license for all users that will be able to apply disposition reviews labels, not only reviewers
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Hi @Juan_Tobar

See here. All users need E5

Even if a single licence opens up tenant wide functionality all the users should be licenced otherwise this would be flagged when you are audited. As you can see by the second article the Microsoft Docs document is vague and Microsoft are working on an amendment

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard and @adam deltinger ,


Thank you for the answer, so it is purely the disposition review that causes the need for everyone to have an E5 license? This could become expensive, so I was thinking: We have an E3 license, manually applying a retention label is covered with the E3 license right? (see: ). If we don't use the disposition review than E3 should be enough to just use the retention labels?


Thanks again, 





Hi @Juan_Taylor

Absolutely, see here

Retention policies are fully covered in E3

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris