Display of Outlook email address for default exchange account

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I have yet to find a solution to this.  I have an outlook.com account that I also use as the signon to my microsoft account.  Example sw#@outlook.com.  Whenever I start a new email, this address fills the from box.  When using Outlook 365, the same thing happens.  My default account for Office is the same microsoft account.  I want the display to be "My Name(sw#@outlook.com)  I have followed instructions to add a name to the My Info section in my Microsoft account.  Nothing changes.  How do I get Outlook to show my from address the way I want it instead of just the email address?

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Hi @schristi69,


do you run Outlook for Windows desktop application or other e-mail client? 

@Victor Ivanidze All 3 applications.  Outlook desktop(Office 365), Outlook online and Outlook app for Android.  Same issue in all clients

Hi @schristi69, for Outlook for WIndows you can do this procedure.