Display Issues on Sharepoint Online: Source Code visible

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Hello there,


as seen in the screenshot below I am having display issues using sharepoint online. In the screenshot of the project tasks section, I see source code instead of progress bars in the task list.


The problem can be reproduced on a Windows 7 machine with Office 2010 in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. The problem can also be reproduced on a Windows 10 machine with Office 2013 in Internet Explorer, Edge and Firefox.


Any hints on how to solve this are appreciated.






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How did you setup this fields? It seems you are using calculated fields and applying HTML formatting there that is not supported any more in SPO...since I seeing you are using a Task Lists that is not modernized yet, you will need to create some JS scripts and use JSLINK feature to get same results you used to have. More info here:

Juan Carlos is right and if you use modern view please look at columen formatting