Display an inadvertently hidden file

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Hello. Working on an Excel file with Office 365, I was trying to display a hidden column but, for some reason, the whole file turned hidden.

It still appears in my file list but Excel won't open it.

Please let me know the procedure to display it.

Many thanks

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Hi @Bernapi7!

Are you the author of that file? Or do you have other permissions on it that you are not allowed to change it?

Greets, Eva.

Hi Eva. Yes, I am the author of the file and the only one who accesses it.

hi @Bernapi7! I would recommend that you go to your local, first without opening any file. Then click on "Open", then open a blank workbook. Go to HOME Tab => Open => Search...==> On that Open-button you have an arrow to open it in protected view. You can also check to last option "Open and Repair".


Another question while trying to open it your local Excel: Do you have starting makros on Open Event or something? If its blocking because data first has to be loaded with cells but they are not visible, it also could block to open the file. In that case you could open it without VBA in holding the SHIFT key while opening the file without makros... Just another idea.


Greets, Eva

Great, Eva, my file is back. Thanks a lot. 

Hi Bernapi! Great! Leave a Like! :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: