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To Whom May Concern,


Today I have made a migration from outlook 2010 to outlook 365.

Before migration:
When I was sending a e-mail message and when I retrieved a respons it was added in the same e-mail message (without creating a new copy o fthe previoius conversation in the messaage box)



(picture, new message in the same message without creating new rows)

After migration to office 365:
WHen I send a new message and then I retrieve a message it creates a totally new row in the message box that is not merged to the previous and old message.


If I gonna be more concrete. If I have an e-mail conversation and I have sent totally 4 times I have four new rows with the new reponse text and its historical message. It creates more duplicate in the same inbox.


outlook_dubbletter.png(picture, new message with duplicate )


Compare from outlook 2010 you use the same message without creating a new copy of the previous conversation.


How do you change that you don't retrieve a dublicate of the e-mail message in outlook 365?

Thank you!

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