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I had to disable MFA for a specific user due to company reasons but now outlook keeps asking for their password. They were using an app password before I disabled MFA. Now their AD or app password will not work in outlook. It keeps asking for the password. They can however authenticate on the office portal and use outlook via the web, but they can not use the outlook app on their desktop or mobile phone. Any help would be really appreciated.

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Try deleting Cached credentials and then type in the App password.


If that did not work try configuring the Outlook profile using SARA. If even SARA did not fix the issue share the screenshot of the error that SARA will provide for further diagnosis.


You can download SARA using the below link - 






@Robin Nishad 


This is the result I get after running SARA.





Are you able to configure the same user's profile on a different PC using the app password...


let's check if the issue is account/app or PC specific.


The error message you have shared does not provide much details.... I would recommend opening an MS case.



What does the prompt look like?



Thank you all for your replies and help. I have figured out the issue. This one user was restricted to be allowed to logon to one computer only. I had to add in the FS and FS Proxy server to their whitelist in AD. Another Tech must have made that change and didn't say anything to the rest of us. By adding those servers, she is now able to authenticate and log onto her outlook app. Here what I did:


go to the user in AD

Go to account Tab

click "Log on to" button


and in there you need to ad your FS and FS Proxy server to allow that user to authenticate on those machines.